I'm a builder, how can MyBusiness Accounting Software help me?

Set up customer invoices:

Using MyBusiness you can set up your customer invoices with ease and if you are using our Complete Manager package you can customise your invoices with your company logo, colour scheme and layout. More importantly if you are a sub-contractor you can product CIS4 invoices using MyBusiness, simply select CIS4 invoice templates on the invoice preview screen.

Go to: Accounts / Making Money / Set up Customer Invoice.


Analyse income and expenses:

You can analyse your businesses income and expenses by setting up categories that suits you business best, you can then generate reports based on these created categories to view and analyse your income and expenses better.


Go to: Accounts / Income and Expense Categories / Add sub-category. This might for instance be ‘Roofing, Conservatories, Patios'. You can then view reports by income and expense categories.


Manage Expenses:

To manage your expenses in MyBusiness go to: Accounts / Pay Cash Out. Describe the payment as for instance, ‘Fuel' or ‘Nails' and then link it to the category of expense, e.g. ‘Motor', ‘Cost of sales' etc... the figures will then appear in your cashbook and you will be able to run reports by expense category.

Stock Management:

Go to: Accounts / Price List / New Item, to set up items you sell. Put in your cost and selling prices and include a minimum reorder level.Tick the ‘Automatic Adjust’ box so that stock level is adjusted as you create invoices. Alternatively you can adjust stock daily through the manual Stock Take option.


Tracking Chargeable Time:

Go to: Stock List and Add New Service Item e.g. ‘John's Time, ‘Installation Time'. When you use the diary to set up appointments or tasks, you can link it to a chargeable service, and MyBusiness will remind you to invoice for this in the future.

Appointment Booking:


Within MyBusiness you can set up employees as contacts so that they can have their own colour coded diary entries within the software. This can then be used to schedule appointments, for example; Conference Calls.




If you manage a business that handles projects or jobs based on a specific client you can create a job bag by linking activities and invoices etc... against a project using the MyBusiness software.



Manage your contacts and customers:

In any contact detail page you can create Contact Notes, Reminders for follow up, Tasks, Invoices, Quotes etc... e.g. set up a reminder to ring customers in the future for maintenance, next service etc...

Mailings :

With the MyBusiness Complete Manager package you can set up customer mail shots for marketing or information. You can also customise your mailings with your company logo, colour scheme and layout.

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