I'm a retailer, how can MyBusiness Accounting Software help me?

Set up supplier invoices:

You can set up supplier invoices easily within the MyBusiness software from a number of places and depending on the package that you have you can even customise your invoice templates with your company logo, colour scheme and layout.


You can set up your invoices in the following locations:

Home Page / Supplier / Enter An Invoice
Accounts / Spending Money / Set up a Supplier Invoice. 

Analyse your income and expenses:

You can analyse your businesses income and expenses by setting up categories to suit your business.

Go to: Accounts / Income and Expense Categories / Add sub-category.

This might for instance be; ‘CD's, DVD's, Books' or ‘Sweets, Newspapers, Drinks'.
You can then view reports using MyBusiness by income and expense categories.

Cashing up the days takings:

Go to: Accounts / Receive Cash into an Account.

Describe the receipt as for example ‘Mondays Takings' and then summarise the category of sales, e.g. ‘CD's, DVD's, Books'. The receipts will then appear in your cashbook within the software.

Stock Management:

Go to: Accounts / Stock List / New Item, to set up items you sell.

Put in your cost and selling items and include a minimum reorder level. If you invoice customers, tick the ‘Automatic Adjust' box so that stock level is adjusted as you create invoices. Alternatively you can adjust stock daily through the manual ‘Stock Take' option.


Diary Management:

When using MyBusiness as your accounting software solution you can make use of the diary to set up appointments or tasks such as Special Orders, which can then be linked to specific customers to contact them when the order is in.

Appointment Bookings:

Within MyBusiness you can set up employees as contacts so that they can have their own colour coded diary entry's within the software. This can then be used to schedule appointments, for example; Hairdressing appointments or Dress fittings.

Manage you contacts and customers:

In any Contact detail page you can create Contact Notes, Reminders for follow up, Tasks, Invoices, Quotes etc... e.g. Set up a reminder to ring customers in future for anniversaries or next service due.


Using our Complete Manager package you can set up customer mail shots for marketing and information collection, for example ‘Christmas Offers' or the mail shots could be used to inform customers of updates for example ‘Closed for holidays soon - We reopen...'.